Photoshoot with Dan Turner

Anyone that follows my work, or has ever taken a quick glimpse at my online portfolio will know that I’m not exactly known for photographing men. Grooms dressed all dapper and looking very nervous on their wedding day, yes, but trendy looking guys pulling some poses on the streets isn’t something I shoot very often. This week however I was asked by Practical Photography magazine to provide them with a particular image to show their readers how a specific portrait technique is achieved. So what do I do when I’m faced with a tight deadline and a tricky situation (no, I don’t reach for the bottle), I reach for the phone! Well, the computer really. I emailed a fantastic model I’ve shot a couple of times in nearby Nottingham and asked her if she knew any fit guys (yes I did use THAT word) that were willing to have their photograph taken in the next couple of days. And to my rescue she came back with a solid yes, and the contact details of a male friend.

Dan (the FIT guy) kindly replied to me, we arranged to meet in Nottingham city centre, and in just under two hours we got the following shots (the specific image we shot for PP mag can be seen in next months issue so be sure to grab yourself a copy… it’s very different to these shots).

HUGE thanks to photography student, and all-round nice guy, Dan Turner. He was a great model and a top bloke for agreeing to do it at such short notice.

_D8E3471 _D8E3497 _D8E3498 _D8E3518 _D8E3533 _D8E3572 _D8E3586 _D8E3602 _D8E3603 _D8E3617 _D8E3635 _D8E3642 _D8E3657 _D8E3682 _D8E3713 _D8E3759 _D8E3769 _D8E3781 _D8E3809 _D8E3848 _D8E3879 _D8E3894 _D8E3918

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